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Stock Pricing:

Our Stock Pricing option is designed to provide our customers with the most economical choices for their orders. The pricing for Stock items is determined by several factors, primarily dependent on the quantities ordered. The larger the quantity you order, the lower the unit price per item. This bulk pricing model allows our customers to maximize their savings while still receiving high-quality products. Keep in mind that for Stock Pricing, the design, branding, fabric, embroidery, and trims are standardized to maintain affordability and uniformity across all orders.

Custom Pricing:

Our Custom Pricing option is tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of our customers. The cost for Custom items can vary significantly due to the extensive range of customization possibilities available. Several factors influence Custom Pricing:

  • Design Complexity: The intricacy of your design plays a crucial role in determining the cost. Highly detailed and intricate designs may require more time and resources to produce, impacting the final price.
  • Branding: Custom branding, such as logos, slogans, and unique graphics, can affect the overall cost. Adding branded elements to your items may involve additional setup and production expenses.
  • Fabric Selection: The type and quality of fabric you choose for your custom items will affect pricing. Premium or specialty fabrics may come at a higher cost than standard options.
  • Embroidery: If you opt for embroidery, the number of stitches and the complexity of the embroidery design can influence the price. More intricate embroidery designs may require more time and skill to create.
  • Trims: Custom trims, such as buttons, zippers, and decorative elements, can also impact the cost of your order. Unique or specialty trims may be pricier than standard options.
  • Quantities: Similar to Stock Pricing, the quantity of custom items you order will affect the unit price. Ordering larger quantities often results in lower per-item costs.

Our Custom Pricing option allows you to create personalized and unique products tailored to your exact specifications. To receive a detailed quote for your custom order, please reach out to us and we will provide you with a customized pricing estimate based on your preferences.

We take pride in our commitment to quality and global reach. We have strategically chosen production locations to ensure the best possible outcomes for our diverse range of projects. Here's an overview of our production locations:

Los Angeles, USA:
The heart of our production operations lies right here in sunny Los Angeles. We operate out of two trusted 'home' factories in the area. These facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and staffed by skilled artisans who bring precision and craftsmanship to every product we create. This local presence allows us to closely oversee the production process, maintain stringent quality control, and ensure timely deliveries to our valued customers.

For projects with specific geographical needs or requirements, we collaborate with manufacturing partners in Portugal. This European location is known for its rich textile heritage and skilled workforce. Our partnerships in Portugal enable us to tap into their expertise in producing high-quality textiles and garments. It also offers advantages for customers with distribution needs in Europe.

In line with our commitment to diversity and responsible sourcing, we have established manufacturing partnerships in India. This region is renowned for its centuries-old tradition of textile production, and our partners there adhere to strict ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. We choose this location for projects that benefit from the unique fabrics and craftsmanship that India has to offer.

China is a global hub for manufacturing, and we have strategic manufacturing partners in this region to cater to larger-scale projects that require cost-effective solutions. These partnerships ensure that we can handle high-volume orders while maintaining our commitment to quality and on-time delivery.

Our approach to production locations reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional products while considering the specific needs of each project. Whether it's local production in Los Angeles or leveraging international partnerships, we prioritize quality, ethical manufacturing practices, and efficiency to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

If you have any questions or concerns about the production location for your specific project, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We're here to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your orders.

We believe that ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing practices are paramount to our business values. We take pride in our commitment to transparency and responsibility throughout our supply chain. Here's an overview of our supplier relationships and ethical practices:

Personal Relationships with Suppliers:
We maintain personal relationships with all of our suppliers. We see them as valued partners in our mission to provide high-quality products. Regular visits to their facilities allow us to strengthen these relationships, better understand their capabilities, and ensure that our values align. These visits also provide an opportunity to address any concerns, promote open communication, and work collaboratively toward mutual success.

Fair Wages and Safety Practices:
Ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions is a non-negotiable aspect of our business. We are dedicated to the well-being of the individuals who contribute to our products. We work closely with our suppliers to guarantee that living wages are paid to workers, and we enforce strict safety protocols in all production facilities. Our commitment to ethical practices extends to every step of the manufacturing process, promoting dignity and security for workers.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint:
We are conscious of the environmental impact of our operations. To reduce our carbon footprint, we take several measures:

  • Local Sourcing: We prioritize local fabric and trims suppliers whenever possible. By sourcing materials locally, we minimize transportation distances, reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with long-distance shipping. This approach also supports local economies and reduces our overall environmental impact.
  • Sustainable Practices: We continuously explore and implement sustainable practices in our production processes. This includes reducing waste, using eco-friendly materials, and exploring innovative methods to decrease our environmental footprint.
  • Community Support: We actively engage with the communities in which we operate. Our efforts include supporting local initiatives, contributing to social and economic development, and fostering positive relationships. We believe in giving back and creating a positive impact on the communities that support our business.

Our dedication to ethical sourcing, fair wages, safety, and environmental responsibility reflects our commitment to doing business in a way that is not only good for our customers but also for the world we all share. If you have any questions or require further information about our ethical practices or supplier relationships, please feel free to contact us. We're here to provide you with the transparency and assurance you deserve as our valued customer.

We understand the importance of efficient shipping and transparent lead times for our customers. Here's an overview of our shipping and lead time policies:

Stock Items:
For our readily available stock items, we take pride in our quick turnaround time. Orders for these items are typically shipped from our fulfillment center in San Francisco within 24 to 48 hours of your purchase. We aim to get your in-stock products to your doorstep as swiftly as possible, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Out of Stock or Custom Projects:
Lead times for out-of-stock items or custom projects may vary based on the complexity of your order. Here's a breakdown of the lead times you can expect:

  • Small Customizations: If you're making minor customizations to an existing product, such as adding a logo or making small alterations, our lead time is generally around 2 weeks. We prioritize efficiency while maintaining the high quality that our customers expect.
  • Large, Fully Produced from Scratch Orders: For large-scale custom projects that involve designing and producing items entirely from scratch, our lead time may extend to approximately 8 weeks. These timelines are influenced by several factors, with the most time-consuming part being the design and development phase.

Design and Development:
The duration of the design and development phase varies according to the complexity of your project. This phase involves creating the blueprint for your customized items, sourcing materials, and ensuring that every detail meets your specifications. More intricate designs, specialized materials, and unique requirements may require additional time to perfect. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality results, and we will keep you informed every step of the way to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

We understand the importance of meeting your timelines and expectations, and we strive to provide accurate lead time estimates for each project. If you have specific questions about the lead time for your order or require expedited shipping options, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We're here to assist you and provide the information you need to plan accordingly. Your satisfaction is our top priority.