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Who do your masks protect and how?
Our masks are designed for everyday wear, by everyday people. 
We now know that many people with Covid-19 are asymptomatic, which
means that you may be able to infect others even when you feel fine. Wearing
a mask when you’re out for a walk or essential errands reduces the possibility
of unknowingly passing infection within your community. The degree to which
face masks protect healthy people from becoming infected themselves is still
being studied. 
Some essential workers whose jobs don’t expose them to Covid-19 patients
don’t need medical-grade protective equipment. Our masks are designed for
them, too. 
Should I wear a mask if I’m sick?
Definitely. Especially when you’re not feeling well, wearing a mask protects
others when you speak, sneeze or cough. If you’re caring for yourself at home,
you may also find that wearing a mask in combination with careful cleaning
and handwashing reduces the need to immediately decontaminate every
Are your masks FDA-approved?
No, our masks are designed for everyday wear, by everyday people in
compliance with current CDC recommendations. They aren’t substitutes for the
surgical masks or N-95 respirators that must be reserved for the healthcare
workers who rely on them.
Don’t healthcare workers need these masks?
The safety of healthcare workers absolutely depends on their access to
personal protective equipment like N-95 respirators and surgical gloves, gowns
and masks. Our masks aren’t medical grade, so you can use them knowing
you’re not taking necessary tools from frontline heroes. 
How are you giving back?
We’re committed to our neighbors whose safety and wellness is threatened
now more than ever. We donate a mask for each one sold, giving to essential
workers and nonprofit organizations serving people experiencing
Where can I get filters for my masks?
You can find filters on eBay and Amazon or purchase cuttable filter paper
at  filti.com. Researchers are currently at work on identifying household
materials to make your own filters, too. The most promising results have been obtained with HEPA furnace filters, vacuum cleaner bags, and stacked coffee
Can I use your masks without a filter?
Definitely. The current CDC recommendations do not include filters for face
masks worn by healthy people outside healthcare settings. 
Where do your materials come from?
All our fabrics are high-quality cotton chambrays, poplins and denims sourced
from our local Los Angeles-based fabric supplier. 
Where are your masks manufactured?
All our masks are cut, sewn, packaged and shipped from within our Los
Angeles partner factory. 
What are working conditions like for your factory employees?
Nothing matters more to us than our team and our shared contributions to an
ethical, sustainable garment industry that will thrive for years to come. All our
employees receive a living wage for Los Angeles. 
To keep them safe during this pandemic, we’ve also established a number of
practices and protocols following the guidance of the CDC and the Los
Angeles Office of the Mayor. All sewing technicians work at least six feet apart
and are provided protective masks. Additional sanitizing stations are located
throughout our facility.   
What are my shipping options?
We currently ship to addresses in all 50 states, including P.O. boxes. All orders
are shipped for free, and you can expect a tracking number when your order
goes out. 
Can I make a return or exchange?
Unfortunately, to ensure the safety of all our customers, we cannot accept
returns or exchanges of masks. 
How do I know your masks will fit me?
We only make one size of each mask because they really are one-size-fits-
almost-all. If you’re especially concerned that you might be hard to fit, we
recommend choosing the Sentry over the Ace—the flexible accordion folds
and adjustable ties offer more customization.
How many times can I wear your masks before washing them?
We recommend washing a mask after each day of use, so it’s best to get a
How should I wash your masks?
Because our masks are made of 100% cotton, they’re fully
machine washable, giving you the safest, most complete clean.
You can also hand wash and line dry if you prefer.

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